Where the Wild Things Are

Rich in biodiversity, the Osa Peninsula hosts more than 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals, and 117 species of reptiles and amphibians. The Peninsula shelters the largest population of endangered scarlet macaws and squirrel monkeys in all of Costa Rica. Here you will be surrounded by the most spectacular foliage this tropical forest can produce; a veritable Garden of Eden of plants and animals. Nearly 750 different species of trees exist within the Osa, which is more than the entire North temperate territories of the world.  

Hidden within the Peninsula, just a short excursion from Casa Bella,  is a pristine and primitive rainforest preserve, Corcovado National Park. The park’s 164.1 square miles of land mass disproportionately constitutes an estimated 2.5% of the total biodiversity of the entire planet.  National Geographic states, “Corcovado is the most intense place in terms of biodiversity in the world.” Within the Park’s borders, many endangered species such as the Bairds’ Tapir, the White Lipped Peccary, Jaguars, American Crocodiles, and the Harpy Eagle, find sanctuary.  From Casa Bella’s well-positioned deck, all the variety and splendor of this critical and colorful paradise awaits.

Wildlife Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Casa Bella
Wildlife Osa Peninsula Costa Rica Casa Bella